What if an item is unavailable or backordered?

Our website is up to date with all available items and sizes. Limited stock or pre-order items will be noted. Pre-order items will have an expected ship date noted. We will contact you under any presented circumstances or in case of delay for an in-stock item.

About our payment methods

We accept any major credit cards-Mastercard, Discover, and American Express as well as Apple pay and Paypal.

Do you accept international cards?

We accept all cards and you can also use Paypal which is preferred by international customers for ease and conversion rates.



Where can I find your sizing chart?

The link to our sizing chart appears in item description.

My baby is older than the size range the chart indicates according to the measurements. Should I go by their age anyway?


Babies actual measurements should be more considered rather than by age or weight, since it can vary in size. For example, a short but bigger 6 month old baby might need a 9-12month gown since their chest would measure larger and the height isn't important for longer gowns that go past the baby's feet! When in doubt, our Customer Service staff will be pleased to assist you with any issue related to sizes.



How long does it take for me to receive my order?

Typically we ship out within 1-2 business days of receiving the order and standard shipping is with UPS standard , which usually delivers in 2- 5 business days (excluding holidays).

I forgot to add an item to my order. Can I still add it without being charged shipping again?

We will be pleased to help you as long as the order hasn't shipped out yet. Please contact us as soon as you realize you forgot to add the item so that you can avoid having to pay an additional shipping charge.

How will my order be packaged?

We carefully package your item in a garment bag. This is then wrapped in tissue paper and placed in an UPS soft pack or box (for smaller items, they may be shipped in an UPS envelope instead.

I received my order, but one item was missing. what should i do?

If you received your order and an item is missing (that is not on backorder) please call (AGREGAR AQUÍ NUMERO DE WHATSAPP) for further assistance.





Should I wash the garment before my baby wears it?

We do not recommend washing  before the event day! Water, heat, and detergents can affect the shape and color of the outfit. Water can actually damage the delicate silk, lace, and ribbon used for your outfit.

We recommend taking the garment right out of the packaging and hang it in your closet or any other place free of excesive lightning or if you prefer a day or two before your event to help relax any slight wrinkling that may be caused during shipping. 

You can also have the garment steamed before the event to refresh the fabric or materials present in the item, or if you wish to iron wrinkles, but always make sure to use tissue paper or a layer of cotton in between to keep the garment safe of burns or water spots. Although is not considered necessary, if you wish you can take your garments to be dry-cleaned before wear.

Due to the current situation your garment will be sanitized before packaging and delivery.

How should I store my outfit after my baby's event?

After the event day, we recommend having your outfit dry-cleaned by an experienced dry-cleaner that knows how to take care of your garment at best. Dry-cleaning will help to remove any spot, drool, spit-up or natural oils left from passing baby around, or other spots that may not be seen now, but will discolor over time if left uncleaned.

To store your garment,  you can either hang it inside the garment bag in which we sent you the item or either on a padded hanger or store it inside an acid-free box, lined with acid-free tissue paper. Place acid-free tissue paper between any folds if stored in a box.

If you wish to have your gown formally preserved, we recommend assinting to an experienced dry-cleaner ,they will be most knowledgable in preserving such delicate materials.


I am not used to ordering online. Do you have any stores near my current location?

We are really sorry for the inconvenience we are an online store with storage in Miami. All our showroom stores are in Mexico, but our easy Return and Exchange policy along with our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service staff provides an easy , and confident shopping experience.



Pia Caterina does not require you to be registered or sign in to make a purchase on our web site. We do strongly recommend creating an account online for all the great benefits, but we welcome guest shopping. Visit the "My Account" link at the top of any page to sign in.



Because it's important that all www.piacaterina.com customers be pleased with their purchases, be advised that all color varies slightly from one computer monitor to another.



Please note that orders begin processing immediately after your order is placed, and it may not be possible to cancel the order until it is ready for pickup. If you need to cancel immediately after you place your order, please call Customer Support at 786-381-6330.


 Please see our Return Policy for details or call Customer Support at 786-381-6330.


  • Orders are typically confirmed within the hour of placing the order.
  • If an order confirmation email is not sent to you within an hour of placing the order, you should call the store selected for pick up.


Please note: "Business day" refers to Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Next Day requested on Fridays is not available for Saturday arrival. Sales shipped to customers are FOB shipping point.